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mARble Mayhem

Marble, marble, marble away! A level design tool and game to create floating marble tracks.Developed within 3 days on an Augmented Reality Jam in our university. Created with Unity3D and the Microsoft Hololens.


Brrrrr! A serious game project I have just started.This game is supposed to teach the complexity and connection between all elements of an ecosystem, delivered in a mobile idle game.It has several different mechanics like, surviving the unforgiving cold, collection resources and re-planting them to keep the ecosystem in balance.The project is technically still a …


3rd Place at German Computer Game Awards 2017 (Newcomer: Concept)! „Mit nGlow nominiert die Jury ein ungewöhnlich überzeugendes Konzept eines Wechselspiels zwischen Tag und Nacht.Selten wurde eine Spielidee so prägnant und mit Gespür für Atmosphäre vermittelt.“ Night and day – crucial elements of controlling the environment in this 3D puzzle game.Switch between night and day …


Loud guns, dark music, and a cold void. My main field of work during Trespassers was (adaptive) music, sound design and some balancing.Trespassers, produced as a university project, is a real time strategy shooter, with massive tower defense elements and rpg systems like a skill tree for your marines.A cold, uncaring void. Three marines in …

Holobuddy VR

Puzzle, puzzle in Virtual Reality!Experience an immersive puzzle game with telekinetic powers.Control objects like cubes and obstacles with your eyes and navigate Buddy, a third person char with your game pad.More about the game on the homepage of our master program:

Skyline Mafia

A board game based on 2 known digital games.Created as a project in the course Game Elements.Gather resources from the resource pool, defeat other players in card duels and destroy their buildings.Players fight over resources and try to progress their own building.The buildings are based on a randomly chosen blueprint.