Safe And Sound

My flagship project. Safe And Sound is a third person cyberpunk shooter. If you would like to get an impression of the gameplay, know the characters, or read about the story, follow the game on Instagram!

Eklipse Website

Eklipse is an all-female string quartet from Hamburg. Besides making wonderful music on their own, they frequently perform live with a wide variety of known bands. Give their music a listen and check out the website I developed for them. You can find it here!

Medium Stories

Recently, I discovered that writing brings joy to me, as well as value to others. You can check out my Medium stories on my profile. If you want to be sure not to miss out on any new story, just follow me on Instagram or find my Medium profile over here!


This project was started as a course at Hochschule Harz called “Distributed Game Development”.It was a collaboration between us (Hochschule Harz) and students of the Tokyo University of Technology.I was responsible for the Music Compositing, Sound and Voice Design as the Audio Lead over the course of two semesters.Just check out the play through to …

ADD ON Conference Design

Games. Developers. Network. The ADD ON Game Conference is a relatively new conference taking place in Wernigerode annually.Check out the conferences homepage to stay up to date. Also, feel free to get a ticket and swing by!

Auri: The Secret of Eneru

The soundtreack for “Auri: The Secret of Eneru”. Auri, a little girl living amongst the stars in the sky, accidentally finds her way down to earth.Among unfamiliar creatures in a strange environment her story begins.A project by Marie Petters. bmsm · Auri – The Secret Of Eneru OST – Maintheme